Criminal Record Sealing Ask-A-Lawyer

Have you been denied employment or a promotion because of a cannabis conviction or old criminal charges from your past? Have you turned your life around but are reminded of it when you fill out applications?

Those with criminal records face a number of challenges that may delay or even prevent them from securing desired employment or obtaining housing. Sealing eligible criminal records can provide a fresh start! Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is teaming up with Commissioner Tick Segerblom to provide free 15-minute consultations with an experienced attorney to people who need to seal their criminal records.

Attorneys with Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada (which manages the Resiliency Center) are on site with us every day to serve as a resource for legal concerns—including debt collection, housing and evictions, insurance matters, medical billing problems, and more. No matter where you live or what you’re facing, if you qualify for our services, you can reach out to us for legal help at 702-455-2433 or

July 2024
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