Remembrance Quilting Project

This event has become one of the most popular activities each year surrounding the remembrance of the tragedy. The quilts are much more than cloth and thread. They are blankets of love, respect, encouragement, and commemoration that are truly cherished by those who receive them. Each year, the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center has hundreds of people enter the raffle who were impacted by 1 October. These quilts have been provided to survivors, relatives, and first responders, not only in our community, but all around the world. There were well over 20,000 people at the venue on 1 October, many of whom were tourists visiting Las Vegas.

Due to the hard work and time it takes to make each quilt, we continuously reach out in the hope that we can have more quilts to donate in time for the next remembrance. We are asking for lap-sized quilt donations to raffle off to survivors. We are particularly interested in providing you with a Vegas Strong label to be sewn onto each finished quilt. If you would like, we have volunteers available to sew the Vegas Strong labels onto quilts as well.

Quilt information:

  • Lap-size quilts are preferred (approximately 50 x 65 inches).
  • Please be neutral on religious and political messages (fabric should be appropriate for adults).
  • The quilter’s name, date, city, state, and so on are welcomed. It is a work of art after all! If the quilter would like to attach a note to the quilt, that is also welcomed. Many of our raffle winners want to thank the artists.
  • The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center will provide a custom label for each quilt to be sewn on. That label will measure approximately 3 x 6 inches.

The quilts will be awarded to survivors, relatives, and first responders who enter the raffle. Please know that the raffle entry is free of charge. If you are interested in being part of this project, please contact the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center and ask to speak with Lorea Arostegui or email