Break Free & Truly Live Life

The fourth year of remembering 1 October is coming upon us and we are committed to join together and co-create a safe and sacred field of calm courage and renewal, to break free and truly live life.

Anniversaries are important touchpoints. They are times that we celebrate but also times when we remember things we may wish we could forget.

Join Catherine and Elizabeth Scherwenka to heal and break free so you can truly live life. Be whatever you are on this day, but commit to coming together to co-create a safe and sacred field of calm courage, renewal, and a state of inner peace. We will do this through the honoring of those lost and those left behind, prayer, and meditation to deepen your healing.

Catherine and Elizabeth were both part of the Wellness Recovery for Clark County after the 1 October incident. They have studied and trained for over 20 years at an academy in India and have dedicated their lives to helping humanity shift from stressful, anxious, lonely states to more connected, peaceful, joyful states. They both travel globally, sharing their wisdom and knowledge not only from what they have acquired from their studies but more importantly from their own life experiences.

July 2024
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