Family-Friendly Trauma Recovery Yoga

Trauma Recovery Yoga (the TRY method) is a science-based somatic therapy comprised of self-regulation techniques as well as affirmations and visualizations to help those suffering from the effects of trauma—that is, any kind of trauma. TRY has the same effect in building resilience, whether you’ve experienced trauma yet or not, in classes that are truly for everyone. This family-friendly practice helps to recalibrate the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, bringing about an overall feeling of wellbeing.

This 45-minute virtual yoga flow, led by TRY global ambassador and instructor Brenda Hershey, is welcome to people with all levels of skill and mobility, ages 7 and up. In fact, it is designed especially for people who have little to no experience doing yoga.

Studies show that synchronized movement and meditation create bonding. As our bodies sync, so do our brains. In addition, practicing yoga (especially TRY) cultivates a sense of connection to yourself and others by improving the function of the vagus nerve. Practicing presence throughout the class will also support a heightened sense of connection.

Brenda Hershey is a trauma-informed humanitarian and author of Your Time to Shine. More recently, she managed the medical clinic in an IDP camp of Yazidis in Iraqi-Kurdistan and is currently leading a team on a livelihoods project, enhancing employment opportunities for Syrian refugees in the region.

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