Growth & Goal Setting

Amanda Barone and Jaqueline Rossi Green will be covering the concept of resilience and how to foster it. They will discuss growth after a traumatic event, the positive changes people may experience, and how to use those experiences to continue growing. They will also talk about the importance of self-care and mindfulness, along with ways to set goals in the midst of setbacks.

Amanda Barone works with children and adults providing psychological services using a trauma-informed approach. She has studied the effects of trauma and different types of therapeutic approaches to help clients with trauma. Jaqueline Rossi Green is a third-year doctoral student in clinical psychology and an active participant in the Clinical Forensic Doctoral Research Lab at Fielding Graduate University. She conducts research and has presented among the most prestigious conferences in the country, including the American Psychology Association (APA), the American College of Forensic Psychology (ACFP), and the American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychology (AAPdN).

July 2024
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