Heart to HEART

What is HEART? Healing, Empowering, and Rebuilding Together!

Do you sometimes find that you just need someone to listen without judgment and to allow you to be exactly where you are on your own unique healing journey? Do you want to talk with someone who can relate to your experience?

The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center teamed up with a nationally recognized expert (Cherie Castellano) to create a peer support program that is now available worldwide for the Route 91 family.

HEART Peers Mentors are dedicated volunteers who have been impacted by Route 91 in various ways. They are well-versed in evidence-based best practices for supporting each other. They are still on their own journey and would like to join others who are on theirs.

Please join us for a conversation with some HEART Peer Mentors to hear about this free and unique resource available to anyone impacted by Route 91. Learn more about HEART or get matched with a Peer Mentor at resiliencyandjustice.org/HEART.

June 2024
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