The Judge & the Judged

Is your mind your best friend or your worst enemy? Are your thoughts demoting and condemning or loving and kind? Are they repetitive and compulsive or steady and in the now? Join Catherine and Elizabeth Scherwenka for this one-hour session on why mental health (the health of the mind) is of utmost importance in today’s world.

We currently live in a world that is laden with anxiety, depression, addiction, fear, and loneliness. Why? Discuss this and learn different ways in which you can live with a more loving, kind, steady, present mind.

Catherine and Elizabeth were both part of the Wellness Recovery for Clark County after the 1 October incident. They have studied and trained for over 20 years at an academy in India and have dedicated their lives to helping humanity shift from stressful, anxious, lonely states to more connected, peaceful, joyful states. They both travel globally, sharing their wisdom and knowledge not only from what they have acquired from their studies but more importantly from their own life experiences.

June 2024
July 2024
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