Life After Loss

A Healing Retreat for Parents Who Have Lost a Child


Thanks to generous donors, all participants will be provided full scholarships to attend. A $150 non-refundable registration fee is required to reserve your spot once clinically approved.

The Workshop

The 2021 Life After Loss workshop is an in-person six-day therapeutic program, designed to help individuals who have experienced the inexpressible grief following the death of a child. A key component of healing takes place in community; therefore, participants will move through their own unique process while being supported by the small group and larger community who are bonded by the same life experience.

Participants will learn the Grief Model of trauma recovery, how grief and loss impact the brain, and tools and resources to assist in understanding sadness, mourning, anger, and acceptance. The program will help participants:

  • Identify where one is in the grief process
  • Move forward without moving on
  • Acknowledge and honor one’s loss
  • Find empathy and compassion for yourself and others

The Program

Life After Loss was inspired and funded in part by the Huie Family after the loss of their son Ryan. The Peacock Invitational Golf Tournament honors the life of Ryan and ensures this program is available via full scholarships to parents who qualify.

The program will accommodate bereaved parents who are selected based on admissions criteria. The program is available to all who qualify regardless of race, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Therapists from our partners at Onsite have over 100 years of cumulative experience working with individuals and groups experiencing Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, and Grief. These therapists were hand-selected for the work with a variety of modalities effective in treating PTSD and trauma-related disorders.

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