Living Well—Even When Symptoms of PTSD Arise

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be debilitating and overwhelming. In this virtual workshop with Dr. Jacquelyn A. Rinaldi, we will look at three easy tools to use to help manage symptoms of PTSD.

There is not a magic pill; it takes work to unravel the knots that keep trauma pervasive and present. These tools will begin the process of reducing the hold the traumatic experience has. When we work with PTSD, we are seeking to unravel those knots—not in the sense of erasing the trauma but it becomes less intrusive in your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Private therapy and group therapy can also be a helpful way to continue the work.

Dr. Rinaldi has spent the last eight years investigating compassion and self-awareness as well as the effects of meditation on the psyche. She teaches psychology at the College of Southern Nevada and leads workshops for corporate clients and conferences across the country.

June 2024
July 2024
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