Mind-Body Tools for Recovery & Resilience

You may very well think of yoga as a physical sport, and that’s not wrong, but it’s much more a balance of both mental and physical. How so?

Science now shows us that the “calming” messaging in our body travels from the body to the brain—from the bottom up! This is how we know that mental health isn’t just talking, it’s inseparable from the state of the body. By incorporating the body, we can bring balance back into the nervous system.

Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) classes include a variety of mind-body tools to do just that, including visualization, breath, meditation, and movement to strengthen the mind-body connection. Please join us for a special TRY class focused on mental health awareness with Brenda Hershey, Managing Director of TRY Global. Whether you’re looking to mix things up or you’re a returning TRY participant, welcome! This class is for you.

It’s all levels not because it’s easy, but because you choose the pace and intensity at which you practice. The only rule is to exercise your power of choice, listening to what your body’s telling you throughout the class and honoring that. This is truly your yoga, your practice, your rules.

Brenda Hershey is a trauma-informed humanitarian, researcher, author, and Executive Director of TRY Global. Her mission is to help people (re)connect mind, body, and spirit, which she pursues through her work with TRY Global, whose mission is to use neuroscience and yoga to create healing worldwide.

In addition to this event, Brenda also offers no-cost Trauma Recovery Yoga sessions to first responders and those in the Route 91 community who’ve been approved for integrative services through the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center. Click here to learn more.

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