Resources for Resiliency

This interactive Zoom workshop is intended to be a catalyst for powerful healing and resourcing. Participants will learn about the power of the human system to overcome, transform, and thrive.

With a sprinkling of science and a lot of experiential exercises, expert trauma healer Dr. Julie Lopez will share the power and growth possible for every survivor. She will share her own trauma healing journey and explain the importance of accessing available resources for healing. She will also provide an overview of the Resilient Brain Project, a free online healing repository.

Dr. Julie Lopez, PhD, LICSW, is a trauma-informed practitioner whose clinical specialty is working with trauma and PTSD. She is the founder of the Viva Center, a wellness organization in Washington, D.C., focused on healing and living optimally. In 2019, Dr. Lopez released Live Empowered!, a self-help primer on overcoming obstacles using implicit memory. Her expertise has been featured on numerous podcasts, blogs, and more, including The Associated PressAdoptees On, and Author Hour.

June 2024
July 2024
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