Spring PTSD Workshop and Support Group

What is PTSD? How does PTSD look in a community of people who have survived a mass violence event?

Incidents of extreme violence may create a range of responses in people who were directly exposed to them and in those who are remotely affected as well. Research on mass shootings shows that folks who were directly involved are likely to have more severe traumatic stress reactions and that these reactions will last longer.

There is also bravery, assistance, and compassion. First responders rush to the scene. Strangers come together to give aid and help victims to get medical care. Medical professionals work long hours to save lives and give comfort. After the immediate crisis has passed, communities may hold vigils or events to remember their neighbors and friends and join together to help survivors to feel more whole.

Join So Cal Route 91 Heals for this special two-part event. Part I: A speaker will present at 9:00 a.m. on PTSD, the signs and symptoms, common reactions, treatment options, and where to go for additional help on feeling whole. Part II : Beginning at approximately 10:30 a.m., there will be a guided discussion about the topic and support for you in your efforts to heal from your traumas related to Route 91 or other mass violence events.

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