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Surviving & Thriving Through the Lasting Impacts of Trauma

Sarah Garcia, MSW, CSWI, RYT, will lead attendees through an informative educational session and discussion of the long-lasting impacts of trauma and stress as survivors of Route 91. We will take this discussion further as we discuss residual circumstances that can induce trauma in the brain and coping skills to combat those intrusive thoughts. We will apply some ideas for coping skills as we close with a short trauma-informed virtual yoga class and guided meditation for relaxation.

The hope is to have attendees walk away feeling validated, connected, prepared to handle the added stress that can come from this time, and ready to access tools in their toolboxes to find calm in the chaos whenever needed. Know that you are not alone in this and the more we have in attendance to honor one another, the more expansive this collective healing opportunity will be. Be well and see you there!

Sarah Garcia is a Licensed Social Worker, mental health professional, and yoga instructor who specialized in trauma-informed healing modalities. She has over 14 years of experience working with children and families through case management, advocacy, and crisis support. Sarah has supported populations such as foster youth, children with special needs, patients recovering from traumatic brain injuries, healthcare workers, adolescents in inpatient recovery, teen parents, and more through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga practices. She believes in the inherent strength that all of her participants carry and is inspired by all who cross her path and share their stories of resiliency.

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