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Therapeutic Considerations When Working with Survivors of Mass Violence

The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center offers this free, online training to any mental health providers who work with mass violence survivors. Amy O’Neill, MS, LPC, and Terri Keener, LCSW, LSCSW, will offer context and understanding of the unique behavioral health needs of the individuals, groups, and communities affected by mass violence. Survivors of mass violence and those impacted by such tragedies are known to seek help at various times, including many years afterward. They may present the tragedy as the primary reason for engaging in services or this may be discovered later in the therapeutic relationship.

The application of trauma-informed, evidence-based practices is a critical component of this work. This training will build on participants’ existing skills and knowledge of those practices with many other considerations that impact the effectiveness of therapy with those affected by mass violence incidents. This includes awareness of the scope of the incident, the roles of those affected, and responses from those around them, including media, the judicial system, responders, co-workers, friends, family, and even others in the group of those affected.

The concepts, research, and examples presented will help providers be prepared to recognize the various stages of healing, the unique needs of individuals seeking services, and how to facilitate healing effectively.

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