Thinking About Therapy?

Have you thought about entering therapy but you have questions? Are you not sure what to expect if you did start counseling?

Join So Cal Route 91 Heals with Dr. Kelly Serafini and Dr. Theopia Jackson from Saybrook University for a special session on how entering a therapeutic relationship with a clinician could change your life.

Dr. Serafini and Dr. Jackson will start with a listening session, asking you what are your thoughts and concerns about therapy. From that initial conversation, the following themes will be shared:

  1. What is this thing called therapy?
  2. Dispelling myths and promoting the truth
  3. Not everything that is therapeutic is therapy
  4. Choosing a therapist and starting therapy
  5. How to make the most of therapy

Join in the conversation with two experts who may help you change the course of your 2022.

June 2024
July 2024
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