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Working with Trauma: Transformation and Metamorphosis

This presentation focuses on working with and through trauma using a hierarchical model designed by Ms. Leane Genstler, MA, LMFT. Areas of the trauma model include the following: Stabilization, Coping Skills, Processing Trauma, Mood Improvement, Resiliency and Self-Esteem, and Integration and Transformation. Kimberly M. Gray and Leslie N. Bautista of Desert Psychological will lead the presentation and the ensuing discussion about the window of tolerance and how trauma affects the window of tolerance.

Desert Psychological has offered mental health services in Las Vegas, Nevada, since 1997. It prides itself on valuing a multi-disciplinary approach, inspiring adaptability and independence, and improving the lives of those in its community.

Kimberly M. Gray continues to research and practice psychological counseling with an emphasis in the areas of psychological/neuropsychological testing, forensics and correctional psychology, crisis intervention, and trauma treatment and intervention. She obtained a Graduate Certificate in Trauma Studies from John F. Kennedy University. Leslie N. Bautista’s research focuses on the role of acculturation, trauma, drug use, and mental health wellbeing among Latina/o youth. She is a certified counselor through the NBCC National Certified Counselor (NCC) Program.

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