#UNLVstrong Support Group for Students & Parents

Karim Calle, CSW-I, and Luna Smerkin, MSW, will facilitate this online support group for UNLV students and parents impacted by the shooting on campus. This is a safe space to heal and be supported by others who understand what you’re going through. Meetings will be held on Google Meet and there will be breakout rooms available in English and Spanish depending on the needs of attendees.

Support groups can be an important resource for those impacted by mass casualty incidents. They can become a refuge for people to share their thoughts and stories with others who’ve gone through similar experiences. Groups may help in developing coping strategies and accessing resources to assist in trauma recovery. They can also promote a sense of solidarity and foster social connections among members, helping to build community resilience.

Please feel free to pass along this group’s registration information only to individuals affected by the incident at UNLV. In addition to this support group, there is also an in-person group for students and parents on Mondays. Click here to learn more. For details about other support groups and resources, please visit ResiliencyAndJustice.org/UNLV.

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