Coping with the Anniversary Effect & 4th of July Triggers

The Anniversary Effect is the phenomenon where survivors of traumatic events experience increased emotional distress, anxiety, or intrusive memories around the anniversary of the event. These painful emotions may begin many weeks or months before the annual date. Specifically for those impacted by the violence of Route 91, the anniversary phenomenon may begin months before and the fireworks of the Fourth of July are often a strong trigger.

Those impacted may experience a variety of physical and emotional symptoms as well as restlessness and fear. Many may feel a sense of anxiety, increased stress, grief, sadness, nightmares, frustration, and anger. Others experience insomnia or sleep excessively. Some may know they just feel out of sorts but don’t necessarily make the connection to the date of the trauma.

If you are feeling these things, please know you are not alone. The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center invites you to join this webinar with Alice Goldstein, M.A., as she goes over what the Anniversary Effect is, how it might impact you, and how to continue healing. Additionally, there will be a focus on coping skills for the Fourth of July and there will be time for questions and answers.

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