Elevating Your Voice with Trauma Recovery Yoga

Join Brenda Hershey, President and Founder of TRY Global, for a virtual 60-minute Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) class during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

Mindfully linking breath and movement, this method offers somatic and stress release. We start with a short self-regulating and centering sequence based in science and psychology, moving with choice from seated to standing, creating internal heat to burn off excess energy, inspiring hope and happiness through visualization and affirmation, and finishing with a body scan meditation.

The postures and breathwork that make up this practice intentionally stimulate the vagus nerve, helping to bring balance back into the nervous system. We also work with neuroplasticity, rewiring our brain for healthier, more positive thoughts and self-talk.

No yoga experience is required! Brenda will practice with you the entire class, so you can reference her movements throughout the practice. If you choose to simply sit and breathe, you’re doing yoga and you will still benefit. Come as you are!

July 2024
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