HEART Peer Support Information Session

Were you impacted by Route 91 and would like to help others who are seeking support?

  • This info session is for you!

Would you like to receive support from someone who understands?

  • This info session is for you!

Whether you were in the venue, had family or friends there, were a first responder, or were otherwise impacted, this info session is for you!

In response to feedback from many impacted by Route, the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center created a community peer support program with the assistance of a nationally recognized expert. Cherie Castellano’s award-winning model was used to develop HEART for the worldwide Route 91 family in early 2021. Peer support is known to have benefits for both the supporter and the receiver.

HEART Peer Mentors are trained to offer services on an individual basis. They are well-versed in evidence-based best practices to support each other and also have the benefit and guidance of trauma-informed clinicians and wellness advocates. Peers Mentors assist Peers with access to more formal services as needed.

Our amazing Peer Mentors are Routers, first responders and others who responded in the aftermath, attended Route but were not in the venue at 10:05, parents of Routers, and friends of Routers. They are women, men, married, single, divorced, widowed, people in recovery—all who were impacted by Route.

We invite you to learn more about HEART and how you can be involved by registering for this information session, available at two different times. Alice Goldstein, Lead HEART Coach, and Jill Winter, Lead HEART Peer Mentor, will explain how this program can help to strengthen the existing Route 91 community that has already shown tremendous resilience in the face of tragedy. Starting February 21, Alice and Jill will train individuals on how to become Peer Mentors and assist those impacted by Route 91 when they need it most.

Learn more about HEART or submit a request to be matched with a Peer Mentor now at resiliencyandjustice.org/HEART

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