Spring Cleaning: Detox the Mind

So often we think of—and sometimes even end up doing—a detox/cleanse for the body. But how often do we detox and purify the mind? Don’t you get tired of the monkey mind, the endless chatter, the voice inside your head that never stays quiet? Join Catherine and Elizabeth Scherwenka for this one-hour session where you will learn ways to live beyond the incessant chatterbox that we call the “mind” and cultivate practices to bring it back to a calm, connected, present space.

Elizabeth and Catherine were both part of the Wellness Recovery for Clark County after 1 October. They have studied and trained for over 20 years at an academy in India and have dedicated their lives to helping humanity shift from stressful, anxious, lonely states to more connected, peaceful, joyful states.

In addition to this event, Catherine and Elizabeth also offer no-cost meditation/mindfulness sessions to crime survivors, emergency responders, and those impacted by mass violence incidents. Click here to learn more.

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